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It is my proud privilege to have served this premier higher education institution as Principal for the last six years. My aim is to make this college a centre of higher education that is dedicated to nation-building. The need of the hour is holistic education. I have made especial efforts to ensure the welfare of students and other stakeholders from the underprivileged classes and minorities, and that of our female students in particular.

This year has witnessed drastic changes in the educational system owing to the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational reform in India in the COVID-19 era is testimony to the fact that necessity is truly the mother of invention (or re-invention, in this scenario). It has led educational institutions to adopt online learning and to encourage virtual studying. Our response to the pandemic is already steering the sector forward with technological innovations and advancements. The switch to online education has ensured that students do not suffer in terms of their studies, and it also allows their progress to be tracked effectively through timely evaluations and assessments. This is the first time India is making such a radical change in its education system, aiming to make a paradigm shift to the virtual world, blending classroom teaching with online learning.

Along with the rest of the country, our institution is not lagging behind in implementing the new system of online education. The college has introduced an online platform for teaching and learning activities. Our faculty members are utilising various online platforms to communicate satisfactorily with students, and have always managed to complete the syllabi of  all the semesters on time in spite of the lockdowns and other distancing measures. The IQAC of this institution has created an easily accessible online library of e-content and model questions for students and faculty members. Many of our departments have organized national and international-level webinars and online lecture series.

Apart from academic activities, our college also continues to excel in extra-curricular activities. I am very proud that the Ramananda College football team became champions in the Inter-College Football Tournament 2019 organized by Bankura University.

I am also honoured by the fact that the Government of West Bengal selected us as a nodal college in Bankura District to observe the bicentenary year of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, which we celebrated by organizing a national-level seminar on 26 September 2019. I would like express my sincere gratitude to the Higher Education Department of the Government of West Bengal for this honour.

Two of our N.C.C. cadets, Jalauddin Seikh and Ramprasad Ruidas, participated in the 71st Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. In 2020-21, Ramprasad Ruidas also received the Governor’sMedal for Best Cadet under Kharagpur Group HQ. I would like to congratulate them for their achievements.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Arup Chakraborty, the MLA, Taldangra, who is the President of the Governing Body of this college, for always encouraging, advising, and helping me to lead the college properly. I also thank other members of the Governing Body for cooperating with me in the administrative work of the college. Finally, I would like to thank the teachers, the non-teaching staff, and the members of the Students’ Union for always helping me whenever their help has been needed.

Dr. Swapna Ghorai

Ramananda College
Bishnupur, Bankura.



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